So, who has yet to see Gotham? If you’ve been holding out because you’re not into superheros and fantasy, that’s okay. We all have our interests. However, while Gotham takes place in the DC universe, the same universe as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Green Arrow, The Flash and the rest, it isn’t a superhero show. It’s a cop show. It’s about the Gotham City police and their fight against the organized crime organizations who run things as well as the corrupt officers and politicians in their pockets. In this timeline, Bruce Wayne’s parents had just been shot and he’s dealing with the tragedy by trying to find out why it happened and how the city has become so corrupt with the help of Alfred, who is now his legal guardian, and James Gordon who has just been transferred to Gotham City after serving with the military. Gordon arrives to find that the mafia run everything and that the majority of the police and politicians are corrupt. Some are paid to look the other way and some are afraid to act. Only a few hard-ass officers are willing to ask the hard questions and risk getting eliminated not only by the criminals, but their own people. While Gordon is one of them, the good cops don’t yet trust him as his partner, Harvey Bullock is well known for walking the line between law and mafia goon. In this timeline, characters like Oswald Cobblecot (The Penguin), and Pamela Isley/Ivy Pepper (Poison Ivy) are young and not yet villains. In fact, some of them are still good guys. For example, Edward Nigma (The Riddler) is a forensics scientist with the Gotham PD and Selena Kyle (Catwoman) is a preteen homeless girl and Gordon’s streetwise snitch. In return for her knowledge of what goes on, on the streets, he keeps her out of the damaged foster-system. It’s really a great show. So far, I think Oswald is the best character. He’s not really a bad guy, but he really wants to be. He knows that the city is going bad and wants to make sure he’s strong enough to survive when the shit truly hits the fan. He’s very sharp and knows how to talk his way into and out of things with little trouble. He’s a true survivor.


There are people in my life who have a really hard time with hard drugs and alcohol. Some of them have even been sued and even spent time in prison because of the choices it’s caused them to make. It’s cost them good jobs, money, benefits, and the respect of loved ones. Some of them have been given many chances to clean up their act, but piss on it every chance they get. Every single less than happy-happy moment is just another excuse for them to empty a bottle or snort something. Despite the emotional support they’re offered on a daily basis, they make ridiculous excuses why they can’t take it. When help is only a room or a phone call away, there is no excuse any intelligent person will believe and I am an intelligent person. There are those I frequently try to help however I can, but if they don’t really want help, nothing you say will do a thing or mean a thing to them. Even if you make it clear that you’ll leave them and never come back the first chance you get, they’ll choose narcotics over you every time. It breaks my heart. There are certain people in your life who should always choose you over a high no matter how bad things are, but some people are weak. I have had a hard life. I’ve been out of work for a very long time, I never know who to trust anymore, and I’m always being taken advantage of, but instead of killing myself with alcohol or hard drugs, I focus on my work to drown out the bad days and talk about them when I can’t. Yes, sometimes I eat my feelings, but short of bumping a table with my ass on occasion, it’s of no harm to anyone.


If anyone has tried to call me over the last few days but couldn’t get through, it’s because my phone is dying. Not the battery, but the phone itself. It won’t stay on for more than a few hours at a time. Sometimes only a few minutes. I had to turn it back on 3 times within a 10 minute period afternoon. I guess it’s time to order a new TracFone. Sadly, this means my number is going to change (they won’t give me the option to keep it) and I’m going to have to reprogram all my contacts. There is no SIM card.


I have a new policy regarding my photography as of right now with the exception of shoots still being processed. If you want the raw files or unedited images, you can have them, but you are paying for them. $25 per file. This is in addition to the service cost. No, that isn’t a lot. Why? As I stated earlier, maybe 5% of professional photographers in the world will offer them at any price.

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